June 2017


Who:  Children ages 5-12

Where: Hasson Park, Harriott, Innis, Seventh St. Rouseville, Morrison Park, 11th Street Playground in Franklin

Dates: June 12th -July 14th, Mon-Fri

Time: 9am-1pm (weather permitting)

Craft day every Thursday at the Oil City YWCA from 1:30-3


Instructor Peg Teeter teaches this class emphasizing the mind-body connection. Yoga poses integrate moving principles, breathing, and meditation to invigorate and refresh participants. Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays June 6-29 from 9-10am. Members $6 per class or $30 for punch card for 6 classes. Non-members $7 per class or $36 for punch card for 6 classes.


Stop in and pick up the trip list for 2017!!

June 14 Proud to Be an American show & Flight 93 Memorial tour & Lunch

Open to the public!!! June 12 at 12:30pm  will be our tureen luncheon. Bring a tureen and your own table service. Bring a friend!!


Yearly, Monthly and Suspended Memberships are available to our Fitness Center.  Exercise Class Cards (ECC) can be purchased for $15 and can be used for 10 classes.  The YWCA is also a Silver & Fit facility.  For more information, call 676-6528.


Combined into 3 different workouts we will bring to you the best ab exercises. In 15 concentrated minutes this will help strengthen your core & tone the midsection. Runs for 6 weeks starting May 1-June 8.

Offered M/W/F 11am & Mon. thru Thurs 5:30pm

Fitness Members Free    Non-Members $2per class


Expand your exercise options with this T/TH 10:30 am toning class. Using light weights, bands & a chair, exerciser improve balance and strengthen & stretch upper/lower body muscles. Next session will be June 6-29  at the new time of 10am.

 Free to Fitness Center Members, Non-Members $10/session, $2/class.



This class is held every Wednesday beginning at 5:45 pm .  Features a different workout such as Piloxing, Interval Training and Body Camp.

Also our instructor Mariah is offering Piloxing on Tues mornings at 9am.  Free to fitness center members; $2/class or ECC.


We have on staff a number of qualified instructors who can meet with you morning, afternoon & evening for one-on-one personal training.

Fee:  1hr    $15

3hr    $35

6hr    $60

Share your workout & time. Fees are as follows:

1hr           3hr            6hr

2 people                       $10 each   $25 each   $35 each

3 people (max #)           $9 each   $20 each   $25 each


Join our 30 minute workout to tone & strengthen    upper & lower body muscles as well as abdominals & back. Large therapy balls & STEP platforms may be used in workouts.

Offered: Monday & Thursday  6:15pm

Tuesday & Thursday  5     pm

Free to Fitness Center Members, $2/class or ECC


Hit our floor dancing every night Monday through Friday.

Nuevo ZUMBA   6:45pm Monday & Wednesday

                                 8:30am Friday

   Michelle & Sue   6:15pm Tuesday & Thursday

          $2.50/class or ZUMBA Punch Card*

* ZUMBA Punch Card-Convenient way to pay for 10 classes.

Cards may be purchased at ZUMBA or during regular business hours.

Fitness Center & Supportive: $20

Non-member :  $25


Enjoy the benefits & fun of Zumba without the impact of jumps & twists.  Class is held 10 am Monday.   Instructor: Linda Morrison.

Fee same as above.