Health & Fitness

We know that a physically stronger woman makes a mentally and emotionally stronger woman, and the Health & Fitness Center’s goal is to better our community one woman at a time. We offer women a safe, pleasant place of their own to exercise. You can accomplish all your health and fitness goals with the help of our friendly, trained staff in the Health & Fitness Center.

Our Fitness Center consists of a fully equipped Cardio/Weight Room, a wide variety of exercise classes for all fitness levels, specialty services, and a shower and locker room facility. Current class schedules are available on the Fitness Calendar.

Jane Horos, Health & Fitness Center Director
Jane Horos, Health & Fitness Center Director

The Health & Fitness Center is run under the direction of Jane Horos.

Exercise instructors include Michelle Aites, Jessica Young, Robin Stevenson, and Sue Rodgers. Lori Crockett is the Cardio/Weight Room Instructor.


Fitness Center members have full access to the Cardio/Weight Room, as well as most of our exercise classes (please see class descriptions  below). To learn more about Fitness Center membership, check the Membership page.

Exercise Class Cards

Exercise Class Cards are available for purchase anytime during regular YWCA hours. Pay $15 for a 10-punch Exercise Class Card.

Exercise Class Cards allow non-members to attend exercise classes at the YWCA of Oil City. Classes cost 1 punch. This card does not entitle non-members to use the Cardio/Weight Room.

Zumba Punch Card

Zumba Punch Cards offer a convenient way to pay for your Zumba classes. No need to bring cash for each class! Instead, pay once and attend 10 classes.

Zumba Punch Cards are available for purchase anytime during regular YWCA hours. Fitness Center members pay $20; non-members pay $25.


The Cardio/Weight Room includes:

  • 11 free standing weight machines that target women’s problem areas
  • Mirrored free weight room
  • Cardio machines, including 4 treadmills, 2 recumbent bikes, 2 ellipticals, and a Nu-Step

Before using the weight machines, members must meet with the Cardio/Weight Room Supervisor for initial training. There is no fee for this service. Please call the YWCA at (814) 676-6528 to schedule an appointment.


Jess’s Winter Meltdown Challenge

Jess’s Winter Meltdown Challenge will motivate you and push you during those winter months when the temtation to be lazy and snack on sweets is at its highest!

Each week, you will be given goals to challenge your mind, body, and spirit.Complete the challenges to earn points and win fun prizes. The cost for both members and non members is $20. The Challenge runs from January 11, 2016 through February 22, 2016. Registration is required by January 6.


Exercise classes are free for Fitness Center members. Non-members can use 1 punch on an Exercise Class Card or pay $2 per class. Classes are offered mornings, lunchtime, and evenings. Exercisers are encouraged to work at their own level. Beginning in January 2016, you can find a current class schedule on the Fitness Calendar.

Morning Exercise

75-minute class. 30 minutes of toning and 30 minutes of Hi/Lo (aerobic dance; choose low impact with no jumping, or high impact), STEP (aerobics using STEP platforms, various heights available), and cardio machines.

Interval Training

60-minute class. 45 minutes alternating strength training with free weights and Hi/Lo (aerobic dance; choose low impact with no jumping, or high impact), or STEP (aerobics using STEP platforms, various heights available), and 15 minutes of abdominals.


30-minute class. Strengthen and tone upper/lower body, abdominals, and back.

Lunchtime Toning

20-minute class. Strengthen and tone upper/lower body, abdominals, and back.

Living Limber

30-minute class. Toning class using a chair, light weights, and bands to strengthen upper/lower body, core, and balance. Also offered at $10/4-week session, or $4/week.


40-minute class. 30 minutes of strength training and aerobic combo using kettlebells, 10 minutes of abdominals.


30- to 45-minute toning class using a large therapy ball.

GLAD (Gentle Latin Aerobic Dance)

30-minute class. Benefits of Zumba without the impact.


45-minute class. Designed by and for Navy SEALS, this suspension workout tones your upper and lower body while strengthening your core, using the TRX Suspension Trainer, a tool that uses gravity and the user’s body weight to engage core muscles. It can also be a cardio workout. Fitness Center members pay $20, and non-members pay $30. Pre-registration and payment is required.



20-minute class. 8 minutes of cardio consists of 20 seconds of intense action and 10 seconds of rest.

45 Minute Workout

45-minute class. Interval class held in Cardio/Weight Room. Optional: 10 minute abdominals. Must pre-register for 4-week session. Fee varies.

Personal Trainer

Our Certified Personal Trainers develop personalized workouts based on your individual goals then motivate and inspire you to meet those goals. Trainers can meet with you mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Training session are 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes long. Must be a current Fitness Center member to use this service.

  • 1 person
    • $15/1 hour
    • $35/3 hours
    • $60/6 hours

Share your workout time; 3 people maximum number.

  • 2 people
    • $10 each/1 hour
    • $25 each/3 hours
    • $35 each/6 hours
  • 3 people (maximum)
    • $9 each/1 hour
    • $20 each/3 hours
    • $25 each/6 hours

Personal Diet Consultations

A healthy weight means a happier person. This 8-week one-on-one weight control program deals with the unique needs and issues that keep you from maintaining a healthy weight and/or diet. Call Health & Fitness Director Jane Horos at (814) 676-6528 to schedule your initial appointment. 8-week session fees: Fitness Center members and Supporting members pay $50; non-members pay $60.


Struggling with why you are not meeting your weight goal? The BodyGem scientifically determines your resting metabolic rate (RMR), then uses that rate to determine the number of calories you need to consume in order to lose, gain, or stay the same weight. Click here to learn more about BodyGem in SHAPE Magazine. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a BodyGem analysis, call the YWCA of Oil City at (814) 676-6528. Fitness Center members and Supporting members pay $30; non-members pay $45.

Body Composition

Have your percentage of body fat measured by caliper or bioelectrical impedance. Fitness Center members pay $5; non-members pay $7.