April 2017



Keep us in mind when you start your spring cleaning. Our sale will be held April 29 from 8am-Noon. We will take any donations the week of April 24.


Stop in and pick up the trip list for 2017!!

May 17 Amish tour, Lunch and shopping at Volant

June 14 Proud to Be an American show & Flight 93 Memorial tour & Lunch

Open to the public!!!


Yearly, Monthly and Suspended Memberships are available to our Fitness Center.  Exercise Class Cards (ECC) can be purchased for $15 and can be used for 10 classes.  The YWCA is also a Silver & Fit facility.  For more information, call 676-6528.


This challenge pays you to get and to stay in better shape. Structured with 5 core goals & changing weekly goals, summer sizzle allows you to earn back over half of your paid fee. Add in a few super goals & a winner takes “all” prize and you could get back all but $10.

Running 6 weeks and starts Monday, April 17& ending May 26.

YWCA & Fitness members $70

Non-members $75

Preregistration & fee must be paid by Thursday, April 13.


Expand your exercise options with this T/TH 10:30 am toning class. Using light weights, bands & a chair, exerciser improve balance and strengthen & stretch upper/lower body muscles. New session April 4-27. 

 Free to Fitness Center Members, Non-Members $10/session, $2/class.


Instructed by Jocelyn Hicks.  This Beach Body class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates.  Meets from 10 – 11 am beginning Saturday, April 15 for a session (6 classes).  Free to Fitness Center Members, $10/ session, or $2/class or ECC.


This class is held every Wednesday beginning at 5:45 pm .  This class is Instructor’s Choice and features a different workout such as Piloxing, Interval Training and Body Camp. 

Also our instructor Mariah is offering Piloxing on Tues mornings at 9am thru April 18. Free to fitness center members; $2/class or ECC.


We have on staff a number of qualified instructors

who can meet with you morning, afternoon &

evening for one-on-one personal training.

Fee:  1hr    $15

3hr    $35

6hr    $60

Share your workout & time. Fees are as follows:

1hr           3hr            6hr

2 people                       $10 each   $25 each   $35 each

3 people (max #)           $9 each   $20 each   $25 each


Join our 30 minute workout to tone & strengthen    upper & lower body muscles as well as abdominals & back. Large therapy balls & STEP platforms may be used in workouts.

Offered: Monday & Thursday  6:15pm

Tuesday & Thursday  5     pm

Free to Fitness Center Members, $2/class or ECC


Hit our floor dancing every night Monday through Thursday. Add in Saturday morning and you have 5 days of Zumba fun & fitness.

Nuevo ZUMBA   6:45pm Monday & Wednesday

                                 8:30am Saturday

   Michelle & Sue   6:15pm Tuesday & Thursday

          $2.50/class or ZUMBA Punch Card*

* ZUMBA Punch Card-Convenient way to pay for 10 classes.

Cards may be purchased at ZUMBA or during regular business hours.

Fitness Center & Supportive: $20

Non-member :  $25


Enjoy the benefits & fun of Zumba without the impact of jumps & twists.  Class is held 10 am Monday.   Instructor: Linda Morrison.

Fee same as above.



Baby Sitting Classes for boys and girls grades 6-8. Classes will be held Wednesdays in May 3, 10 & 17 from 3:30-5:15. Cost is $20 and class size is limited so please register with payment by 4/26.